Data Privacy Consent

The request of personal information on this online form is done with the sole purpose of processing and managing your request. In accomplishing the information requested, you agree that Allied Care Experts Medical Center-Valenzuela Inc. and/or its subsidiaries will process these Personal Information relating to you. Such processing of Personal Information may include its collection, recording, updating, modification, retrieval, use, and retention. You are also consenting to;

  1. Making your Personal Information available to the relevant employees of Allied Care Experts Medical Center - Valenzuela, its subsidiaries and any service provider that may be involved in the process and management of this transactions;

  2. The processing of your Personal Information for generating statistical data relevant to this specific transactions;

  3. The retention by Allied Care Experts Medical Center - Valenzuela of your Personal Information for the period necessary for the purpose of this request. We will dispose all your Personal Information upon the lapse of the Personal Data Retention Period in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. You are entitled to certain rights in relation to the Personal Information that may be collected from you, including the right to access, correction, and to object to the processing of the same. Your Information will be held securely and will not be made available to third parties others that the ones require to provide this service without your expressed consent. By ticking the checkbox below, you are hereby certify that you understand the foregoing and that you are giving your consent to the processing of your Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information under the terms and conditions provided above, and to contact you in case it is required to process your request.